When summer comes around, the sound of a jackhammer or the sight of a row of orange cones is not too far behind.  Yep...summer will forever be construction season.

Coming from a bigger city, I know I am the last person to be complaining about construction.  However, longer commutes and finding different routes for my destinations are not my ideas of fun.  Heck, there's even construction on some trails I run on!

Does anyone know how the City of Sioux Falls identifies which roadways become construction sites?  Probably not.  So, it could be a fun guessing game pinpointing which streets the city has slated for repairs, repaving, and overall improvements before digging begins!  The "game" certainly would facilitate the process of finding alternate routes!

How Is The Construction Around Sioux Falls Affecting Your Commute?

Will the construction in Sioux Falls ever be complete?  Maybe someday, but there's always room for improvement in some way.

Has road construction in Sioux Falls affected your daily commute or life?

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