Last month when I went up to Minnesota I attended the 9th annual Minnesota Winter Beer Dabbler event where you can sample unlimited beers from 160+ breweries from around the world at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds. Over 6,000 people attending this event during a blizzard.

As I tried to sample as many different kinds of beer, there was one that stood out for me among the rest. The name, "Good Ass Beer." I looked them up online and they based out of Forest Lake, Minnesota. On their website they show which locations carry their brand but unfortunately not one liquor store or bar in South Dakota has it. The only place that did that was close was Luverne, Minnesota at Blue Mound Liqour.

Photo by Jonny V
Photo by Jonny V

Its a light beer with big flavor. With 105 Calories and 4.2% ABV, Good Ass Beer is a Light Lager with just a few more calories than some of the other “super light” beers. So the next time you are in Minnesota, instead of driving 280 miles for a good ass beer, just drive 36 miles and stop in Luverne for one. Here are some pictures of the beer festival event.

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