Here it is the middle of August and I still haven't had my first ear of sweet corn. For the past few weeks we've passed pop-up stands but never took the time to stop.

I love sweet corn.  And not the same way each time.

You may have a tried and true method but for me the standard boil in water is OK but not exciting.

On a camping trip several years ago we found a roadside stand and purchased a dozen ears with the plan to roast them over the open fire.  You really can make your camping neighbors jealous by doing this so make sure you buy extra.

While I was peeling down the husks my wife was prepping some potatoes, onions, peppers and bacon for a side dish.

Bacon?  That did it.

We had plenty so I decided to use a few slices and wrap each ear of sweet corn and instead of folding up the husks I tied them down at the bottom of the ear so the bacon would crisp up.


So that's my favorite way to have sweet corn.  What about you?

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