With the kids coming to trick-or-treat us in a week, or should I say that the spooks are coming to loot us, it's time to head out to the store and stock up on candy.

Now for the big problem. How do you choose what type of candy to give out on Halloween?

Well, for some, maybe it's all about the price. They buy what ever's the cheapest on the shelf. But, being the big kid that I am, I ask you if we can really cut corners when it comes to Halloween candy.

I mean come on! This is the one time per year kids get to go out and collect treats. Let's not disappoint!

I say that you should simply get the exact candy that you like best. Not just because you're going to be eating the extra anyway, but because if you would love it, the kids will love it too.

Don't give sickening circus peanuts and disgusting candy corn. Hand out Snickers and Kit Kat bars.

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