The following post contains major SPOILERS for Captain Marvel. We expect you’ve already seen it if you’re going to watch this. If you yell at us for spoiling it, we’re going to zap you with a Cosmic Cube.

There’s no bigger shock in Captain Marvel than when we finally get to Mar-Vell’s ship and discover that the “light-speed engine” that she was supposedly developing was drawing power from ... the Tesseract! This object of phenomenal cosmic power first appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the post-credits scene from Thor and then became the MacGuffin in Captain America: The First Avenger, where it wound up at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. So how did it get from there to Mar-Vell’s lab? This new video by ScreenCrush’s Ryan Arey breaks down the Tesseract’s journey from Captain America to Captain Marvel (or technically, the other way, if you want to get all chronological about it) and speculates about where the Tesseract may be headed next. Watch it above.

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