As someone who used to work in a sports bar every weekend, a beer with a pickle in it was probably every fifth drink order I made. The sports bar was in a smaller South Dakota town so this drink concoction was nothing out of the ordinary but how did this unique combination come to be anyway?

According to The Argus Leader, the pickle spear in a tall or short draft pour began anywhere from the year '99 to the early 2000s, according to two different smaller town bars.

From my personal experience bartending and serving, people liked the beer pickle combination as they liked the salty combination and would more than likely eat the pickle spear or two if they desired as they drank the beer.

Or after the beer was finished since by this time the pickle had enough time to soak up all the flavor of the beer.

Of course, you still have the people who order olives in their tall beers because of the salty taste olives naturally add to whatever they come into contact with. But the real rebels when they order a beer get some olives and a pickle spear in their favorite domestic draft beer. Try this combination the next time you are dining out and in the mood for a cold one!

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