The Best Santa Trackers To Track Santa on Christmas Eve

It's fun to track Santa's sleigh on Christmas eve, especially if you have kids. Last year, my wife and I left the NORAD tracker website open on the desktop computer in the den and found the kids really getting into it.

Plus, if you have little ones, it adds a level of magic and realism to Santa and his reindeer.

Here are a few of the best Santa tracker websites for you:

NORAD Santa Tracker leads the field on Christmas eve. (the one we used last year).

Google's Santa Tracker is also fun - plus, has a ton of online games for kids to play.

Tracking Santa is neat and visually fun. It also provides extra updates through the night.

Santa Update is great. You can "tune into" a radio broadcast that gives updates on Santa's progress. We give 'Kringle Radio' an "A"!

North Pole is another website that has several things to do for kids, including a nice countdown to Christmas.

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