If you're like me, then you probably have about $2.5 million to drop on a house here in Sioux Falls.

You don't? Well, that's OK, neither do I.

But if you do have a spare $2.5 million you could walk away with this little gem: a 4 bedroom, 3.75 bath house on Oakwood Place in Sioux Falls listed on Zillow.

$2.5 million for a 4 bedroom house? In Sioux Falls?

Well, did I mention the 14 seat movie theater? The 2 golf greens, 4 tee boxes and 3 sand traps? Have to tell you - if I'm building my own golf course in my yard I'm leaving OUT the sand traps.


Well, then how about this: "This perfect marriage of interesting architecture includes FOUR structures. There is a main house, separate guest house, the ultimate garage/studio and a private office building."

That's right. A 3 bedroom guest house, a 2-level private office building complete with reception desk and two garages with "a total of 17 garage stalls for the car buff."

Oh, and throw in a gated 5.95 acres. And for the kids - their own private tree house complete with bridge.


Source: Zillow.com

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