Hotel guests may want to think twice before stealing that towel. Many hotels around the country have embedded small chips into the lining of pillows, linens, and robes that alert the front desk or security when the stolen item is passed through the hotel lobby.

Towels are the most stolen item from hotel rooms, and a company called Linen Technology Tracking are helping several hotel chains with loss-prevention.

0f course, it's possible that the hotel industry could be planting a myth - like the one that says a blue cloud will form around you if you pee in our pool.

Hotels that use Linen Tracking know exactly how many linens have been stolen, it's data shows that the average hotel loses 10 to 20 percent of its linens per month - some to wear and tear - but several the thieves.

Some of the other items guests have been known to pilfer from the room include hair dryers, corkscrews, phones, ironing boards, radios, flowers, bibles, luggage stands, batteries from the remote control, coffee mugs and just about anything else that isn't bolted down.

The real question here is, do you really want to take home and use that towel that's been used by 200 people before you? Nope.

source: Huff Post

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