Ladies and gentlemen, we have reached Peak Millennial! Instead of celebrating their first couple days together as husband and wife, newlyweds are now taking separate honeymoons.

In fact, its become so popular that it's been given it two nicknames: "solomoons" and "unimoons."

On Instagram, almost 1,500 posts display the reality of this new trend. They choose to either go with friends or by themselves. One of the main reason behind it is not being able to agree on a destination.

According to the New York Post, a groom told the publication: "It’s a very individualistic, modern practice of efficiency over everything else, I think that it’s tied with workaholism and being on the work-and-spend treadmill when you can’t even coordinate one of the most important times of your life together.”

I'm not so sure about this! Why would you want to go on your honeymoon alone?

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