I am sure most individuals can agree 2020 has been extremely weird, to say the least.  Seriously the world we once knew sometimes feels like a distant memory.  People’s weekends are certainly a lot different; groups of friends are no longer enjoying the nightlife quite as they have prior to the pandemic. Heck, no one even seems to be meeting each other in person.

So how can you hang out with your friends while meeting others safely?  Try the Sip-n-Cycle in Downtown Sioux Falls.  It's a workout and a party all in one!

More likely than not, you have seen these party bikes around the downtown area and in other major cities across the country.  Part of Party Bike Sioux Falls, Sip-n-Cycle is the only Pedal Pub Party Bike operator in the state of South Dakota.  There are a total of three bikes available to rent for parties, special occasions, and more in Sioux Falls.  According to its website, Sip-n-Cycle "bikes were "created in the Netherlands and shipped across the sea, seats sixteen people, and moves at a leisurely 4-5 mph. Ten of the seats have pedals, two without, three on the bench, and there is room for one more in the middle with the coolers!"  This fun is guaranteed to be the ride of your life!

I have often seen the Sip-n-Cycle riding around downtown.  My friends and I have always wanted to be part of the fun, and it finally happened!  We had a group of 12 on our bike ride and it was a blast!  We rode throughout the city, to Falls Park, and we even stopped at a couple of breweries along the way.

Sip-n-Cycle is pretty much a bar on wheels.  However, you need to supply your own beverages for the ride.  There are Sip-n-Cycle bikes with their own beer kegs, however, they are not available in Sioux Falls.

Sip-n-Cycle is a great, safe way to go out on the town with your friends.  It's also a great cardio workout!

For more information about the Sip-n-Cycle experience, click here.

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