I will be completely honest when it comes to advice in this area I have none. I have been searching desperately for some resources on how to live with grief.

I lost my beautiful sister in May of this year, and this will be the first holiday season I won't have the gift of laughing through it with her here.

Honestly most the materials and books, and sessions I've sifted through have not brought me anything I was looking for. If I am being completely honest I don't even know what it is that I am looking for.

Last week in my never ending Google search I stumbled across a Facebook page called Refuge in Grief. One of many things I appreciated about this site is it is more heavy on the realities of grief and less about hustling advice. Most of the advice sites I've come across or received have felt like just additional salt in the wound.

I've noticed after the last months it is easy to get tired and self care is easy to let slide completely.

I appreciated this easy self care checklist suggestion post my brother sent me from Tim Kennedy's page:

My sister Tessa loved to do things for other people all year long, and the holidays were just another day to do something for someone else.

So I'm sure she would prefer I focus my attention on doing something like that.

Again I don't pretend to have any advice, but I hope you find some comfort in some of these resources.

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