An early morning vehicle chase on Thursday morning led to an arrest on multiple charges. Fortunately, the suspect pulled over without further incident.

Sioux Falls Police say the car was taken from Connexions II Casino on South Grange Avenue early Thursday morning (12:04 AM). Police observed the car driving at a high rate of speed on East 14th Street about a half hour after the initial report. Then the car was seen barreling down South Minnesota Avenue before turning west onto 41st Street.

The vehicle pulled over without incident and the driver, 18-year old Steven Anderson Garcia, was placed into custody. The charges Garcia faces are grand theft, felony intentional damage to property, aggravated eluding, reckless driving and no driver license.

Police discovered damage to the vehicle that led to a wider search. The investigation then revealed the car was linked to a possible hit-and-run with a parked car in a parking lot on West 51st Street.