This crime of opportunity was a little harder to assemble. In the end nothing was taken, meanwhile one person was arrested with one suspect still loose.

Sioux Falls Police Public Information Officer Sam Clemens says the victim was intending to buy a car in Sioux Falls and had cash with him. There were three women who were part of the entourage, but one of the women was sending messages to an accomplice to set up a heist. Clemens says it took place about 10:00 PM on Sunday in the area of 12th Street and Williams Avenue.

“At one point they were at a house. The victim goes to leave. The suspect threatens the victim with a knife. One of the other women got involved and started yelling and may have hit the guy with a purse. The suspect ran away.”

Additionally Clemens says the woman who helped set up the robbery fled the scene but was quickly found by police. She is a 33-year old woman from Sioux Falls who was named by police, but is presumed innocent until proven guilty of the charges of aggravated assault and first degree robbery. She also has outstanding warrants against her. Police know the identity of the other suspect and is still searching for him.

No charges were filed against the other two women in the group as they were not part of the conspiracy.

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