South Dakota comes in at number one on a lot of best of lists, and of course it’s number one in our hearts. But, we can’t always be in the top spot. Sometime South Dakota drops a notch to the two spot. There’s nothing wrong with a number two finish. I may stink, but it’s nothing to hold your nose at.

So here’s a few times that South Dakota dropped in at a big number 2.

  • Smallest State Capital

    Pierre is the second smallest state capital in the United States. Pierre's population is 14,000 people. Montpelier, Vermont is the smallest at 7,600.

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  • Honey Production

    Second in Nation for Honey Production just behind North Dakota. The 605 produced 19.9 million pounds of honey in 2016. (Source)

  • Concealed Carry

    South Dakota is second in the nation for concealed carry permits (Source)

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  • Pharmacy Grads

    Second in Nation for Pharmacy grads. SDSU is just behind University of Washington in grads that pass the North American Pharmacist Licensure Examination on their first attempt (Source)


  • Wind Energy Electricity Generation

    South Dakota is second in the nation for its share of wind energy electricity generation (Source)

  • Hay and Alfalfa Inventory

    South Dakota is ranked second in Hay and Alfalfa inventory (Source)

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  • College of Nursing

    SDSU’s College of Nursing was named second in the list of 50 best value  bachelor of science in nursing programs (Source)

  • Graduation Rate

    South Dakota is second in two-year graduation rate (Source)

  • Commute Time

    South Dakota in number two in lowest commute time (Source)