Through the years you've worked in this office, that office, maybe even that other office.

And how many coworkers have you had? A bunch. Too many to count really. Some have become life long friends, people you see socially and often. Others have come and gone, made a stop at work and for one reason or another have moved on. Or maybe it's you that has moved on. You can't even remember their names.

And then there's those select few that have left an...impression.

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Come on, admit it. Not everyone gets along with everyone all the time. Perhaps there was that one office coworker that made you grit your teeth. That one coworker that didn't mesh with you. That didn't 'sit well' with you. In fact, there has been 13 of them. And here they are. See how many you recognize.

Here They Are, The 13 Sioux Falls Office Co-Workers You Detest

So there you have them, the 13 coworkers identified by business coach Sylvia Lafair in the Washington Business Journal.

So, how many could you identify by name? And if you didn't recognize even one...gee, could that might be....nah.





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