South Dakotans can start buying (and exploding) fireworks to celebrate the Fourth of July on Tuesday June 27. The  But, the rules for those firecrackers and roman candles are a bit different when it comes to the city of Sioux Falls.

Within the city limits of Sioux Falls almost all fireworks are illegal and can get you a $95 fine. What is legal are sparkles, snakes and other things that don't make noise or shoot anything off.

The use of fireworks within Sioux Falls city limits is illegal. Sioux Falls Ordinance prohibits the use of fireworks within the city limits with the exception of sparklers, snakes, and other fireworks that do not have an audible report, projectile, or launching component. If a police officer observes fireworks being discharged, he or she can issue a citation, which carries a $95 fine. - City of Sioux Falls

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