The Rainbow Buffalo story started about a week ago. The Outdoor Campus in Sioux Falls had the Rainbow Buffalo posted on their premises to celebrate June being Pride Month.

Apparently, a mom complained that it was "promoting homosexuality" and even went so far as to take it to the Governor's office. The Rainbow Buffalo was then taken down because The Outdoor Campus is considered a state park and political messages aren't allowed.

Ok, I guess. I think the Rainbow Buffalo was probably promoting tolerance, acceptance and inclusion of all people and/or buffalo. Honestly, most kids probably just saw it and thought, "Ooh, a pretty buffalo."

Anyway, after word got out the buffalo has gained a second life! The image went viral on social media. Many people changed their profile picture in solidarity with the Rainbow Buffalo and all it represents.

Now, the Rainbow Buffalo can be purchased in sticker form at downtown businesses, including Rug and Relic. The stickers are being sold for a $3 donation to Sioux Falls Pride.

If you would like a sticker or more information about the Rainbow Buffalo or Sioux Falls Pride e-mail Adam Jorgensen at

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