The Helpline Center congratulates Herb Doll on being named the July 2016 Volunteer of the Month, an area-wide award program sponsored by the Helpline Center and MetaBank.

Herb has been with The Outdoor Campus since 1999 and has volunteered over 3,400 hours. Herb comes in a least once a week, and even more when they have a big event coming up like Outdoor University or Women's Try It Day.

Monica Boyer from The Outdoor Campus said,

“Herb has a generous heart and is always willing to help. Herb is our go-to person for whenever we have broken fishing equipment. At The Outdoor Campus we have many fishing classes where kids and adults can learn how to fish. Whenever one of our fishing poles gets tangled or broken the poles get set aside for Herb to fix. Herb comes in at least once a week and gathers all broken poles and starts working on them. He usually sets up in the volunteer room where he interacts with other volunteers while he fixes the poles. Herb saves The Outdoor Campus time and money every time he comes in to help.”

In addition to fixing poles, Herb also helps with the Middle School classes and fishing classes. Hundreds of kids have been taught about fishing from Herb and even more have used a pole Herb has fixed.

Kids across the community have been positively affected by Herb's volunteering at The Outdoor Campus even if they don't know it. If anyone has ever taken a fishing class at The Outdoor Campus Herb is the person they need to thank.

The Helpline Center and MetaBank are pleased to present Herb with a framed certificate, a gift from MetaBank and a letter of appreciation from Mayor Huether. Herb will also be honored at the Spirit of Volunteerism Awards banquet on May 11, 2017.

For information on volunteer opportunities please call the Helpline Center at 211 or visit

(Source: Helpline Center)