Every day when I walk into the radio station I experience car envy as I walk past a 50th Anniversary Camaro we are giving away this summer for a contest.

Then everyday around the same time I see a wild black cat creep through the parking lot, and clean himself in the space next to the car.

I'm not sure why the cat finds this space such an enjoyable place to bathe, but there he is every day.

Same spot.

If someone happens to be parked in his shower stall of a parking space, the cat plops down and cleans himself in front of the car.

We are all creatures of habit, even this creature who enjoys getting clean next to sports cars.

I wonder how he will feel after someone wins the car, and it is no longer parked there?

If it is you who happens to be the lucky winner of this ride, don't be surprised if you look outside, and see this black cat cleaning himself in your drive way.

To see all the places you can sign up to win $500 weekly in cash, and hopefully this beautiful Camaro click here!

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