Remember in the movie Anchorman when Ron Burgundy said, "Hello everyone. Come and see how good I look." I can SO see him having this done.

Thanks to the millions of selfies posted on social media each and every day, cosmetic surgeons are now treating patients for - are you ready for this - selfie chin.

Yup, selfie chin. No more having to stick out your chin when taking a photo. Back before smart phones and selfies we called it your "second chin."

I first read about it in the Minneapolis Star Tribune. The procedure involves injecting a fat-dissolving acid directly into your chin called Kybella.

Sorry, not a big fan of sticking needles into my double chin. Do you realize how much money I've spent to get such a voluptuous chin like this?

It's taken literally years of going through drive-thrus of fast-food joints to achieve such perfection. Why would I want to get rid of it?

OK, in all honesty, I do kind of hate my double-chin. But not enough to where I'm going to let someone jam a sharp needle into it. I'll just grow a beard instead.

If you'd like to learn more about Kybella, here's a YouTube video showing how it's done.

Source: YouTube/NayakPlasticSurgery, Star Tribune

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