Gas prices have been low all year. Rona has been a big reason why. Then prices started coming back up as the economy reopened. But then cases started spiking again and the rise of prices fell off. So where are we now?

The average price of gas in South Dakota is sitting at $2.13 per gallon. That is two cents less than it was a week ago. A month ago the price was also sitting at $2.15.

“Gas prices are stalling, if not decreasing, at the vast majority of pumps,” said Marilyn Buskohl, AAA spokesperson in a press release. “We’ve likely seen gasoline prices peak for 2020, barring any major hurricanes.”

The average price of gas in Sioux Falls, according to, is $2.12 per gallon. That is basically unchanged for the last month as prices really have not changed at all.

The cheapest gas in the southeastern corner of the state is in Union County. Gas there is only $2.09 per gallon. The average for all of Minnehaha County is $2.11 and Lincoln County is swankiest $2.15.

The cheapest gas in Sioux Falls is at Costco for $1.83 per gallon. Casey's on East Benson Road is next best at $1.95, and the Love's and Flying J truck stops are both selling gas for $1.99 per gallon.

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