I think we can all agree Sioux Falls is one of the fastest growing cities in the upper Midwest.

At last check, the city was over the 190,000 mark in terms of total population.

Given the city's rapid growth comes the increased need for capital improvements.

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Recently Sioux Falls Mayor Paul TenHaken just finished delivering some pretty lofty goals for the city over the next 5-years in terms of improvements to its roads, parks, city pools, and utilities.

His vision for capital improvements to the city totals $812.8 million. Most of that will be funded through sales tax and user fees.

Regarding roads, after this summer's construction season, I wouldn't think there would be another street in the city that needs repairing. Maybe it's just me, but it seems like everywhere you turn, you run into a series of orange cones and traffic delays.

Sure, it might be a pain in the ass now, but once the work is done, it will definitely be nice.

According to Pigeon 605, Sioux Falls will once again see a big focus placed on infrastructure in 2022. Over $60 million has been set aside for road improvement projects that will include more than 700 blocks of street reconstruction and rehabilitation. Yikes! And you think we have delays now.

One of the most anticipated projects for the coming year is the reconstruction of 41st Street from Marion Road to Shirley Avenue. The city, together with the state, has plans  to build a new diverging diamond interchange in that area. That project should be a game-changer in terms of traffic flow in the area once it's completed.

Pigeon 605 has a list of the nine major upcoming Sioux Falls road construction projects here.

There are also plans to improve a handful of Sioux Falls city parks next year. Work is scheduled to happen in Hayward Park, Rotary Park, Tuthill Park, and the Great Plains Zoo.

Further on down the road, starting in 2023, Mayor TenHaken plans to ask the city council to vote on a bond that will allow money to be borrowed for several quality-of-life projects. A large chunk of that funding is planned for three city pool replacement projects.

Some of the additional quality-of-life projects include; replacement for the clubhouse at Elmwood Golf Course and extensions to the Sioux Falls bike trail.

The capital improvement program also calls for the bolstering of the neighborhood "report to work" stations for the Sioux Falls Police Department starting in 2025 and the possible addition of a new Sioux Falls fire station in 2026.

Pigeon 605 details the mayor's entire five-year capital improvement program here.

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Source: Pigeon 605 

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