Today is National South Dakota Day and every South Dakotan has been asked the question: Why do you live there?

Well here are a few reasons to stay and a couple reasons to leave.

Reasons to Stay:

South Dakota Skies: From sunrises to sunsets they are second to none. And if you want to look up at the stars in awe South Dakotas night skies are breathtaking and worth sticking around for.

Hello: They say Minnesota Nice and Southern Hospitality but I would say personally for me the nicest folks I've met in this country are from the Mount Rushmore State of South Dakota.

The Gift and The Curse: Some people complain there isn't that much to do here. When you look at this as a positive it may bring out some creativeness and bliss you can't find when constantly stimulated with options

Reasons that Might Make You Want to Leave:

Snow: Combine it with the wind and you will understand. For every South Dakota winter you make it through we should be awarded some badges or tax break. Maybe a winter endurance tax cut.

The Gift and The Curse: The curse of having little to do here is sometimes you want to get lost in some activities that you might not find in South Dakota that you might get into other places.

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