If you, like we, are still retching over the sight of a graphic and explicit amputation — congratulations, you're in the official Handmaid's Tale club.

The Hulu series, an adaptation of Margaret Atwood's famous dystopian novel, concluded its first season with a bloody, ominous Episode 10, that *SPOIIIIILER* found the titular Offred finally pregnant with her commander's child.

Oh, and some other stuff happened, too, like Offred found out her daughter was alive and well, the handmaids collectively decided against stoning Janine — who'd been sentenced to death for endangering a child — and Moira finally found freedom after stealing away to Canada.

And Twitter had a field day with everything! Most notably, whether the final scene — in which Offred's taken away by a police escort — meant her death or freedom awaited her.

Show star Elisabeth Moss told Entertainment Weekly in a post-show interview that she's proud of the impact the show has had, but said she never expected it to resonate as widely as it has.

"I think regardless of where you stand, regardless of what you think of the current political conditions, social climate, wherever you live — it’s not just America, I’ve gotten responses from people in other countries — there is a sense of people wanting to have a voice, there’s a sense of people wanting to be inspired and wanting to feel like someone is speaking for them when they can’t speak for themselves," she said. "And that’s been honestly very moving for me to hear people in the States, people in other countries, saying this is something that is inspiring me, giving me strength, and giving me hope. And I think the last episode we do rewards the audience for sticking with us through some dark times, and we do end it with a sense of hope. And I think that’s really important."

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