KISS cover band Hairball puts on a hot show and they were on fire over the weekend in Sioux City, Iowa.

Like seriously on fire.

The lead singer's hair was set ablaze by the pyrotechnics and roadies had to run onstage to extinguish it.

And here's why we love Hairball and their dedication to their craft. He catches fire and never misses a beat! And, as opposed to what was originally reported by Ultimate Classic Rock on Monday, it was not a wig but rather his real hair! Man, we're glad he's okay.

Hairball will perform this weekend in Enid, OK before heading back to our area with a show on February 22 in Spencer, Ia.

Hairball, who bill themselves as "a bombastic celebration of arena rock," have been performing together for nearly two decades now. Kiss is only one of the bands they pay tribute to at each show, as "the stage becomes an entirely new rock concert before your very eyes countless times throughout the night" while they perform classic hits from artists such as Van Halen, Motley Crue, Queen, Journey and Aerosmith.

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