If you ever watched the 'KDLT Kitchen' segment on TV, here's your chance to have a piece of the set used on the popular cooking segment in your own home.

Now that KDLT has merged with KSFY under one ownership group, the two Sioux Falls television stations are now located in the same building in downtown Sioux Falls.

After the merger was official, the decision was made to part with aspects within the old KDLT facility. One of them being, the set used during the 'KDLT Kitchen' feature.

According to Dakota News Now, representatives from the Habitat for Humanity's "ReStore" were given the opportunity to take apart the set used during the KDLT Kitchen segment with the hope of selling the various pieces to members of the community that could use them.

Pieces of the kitchen set, along with many other things found in the former KDLT building, will soon be available for people here in the Sioux Empire to purchase through the Habitat for Humanity's ReStore.

As Dakota News Now reports, the "ReStore" serves as somewhat of a thrift store for building materials. It has also helped to play a big role in cutting down on clutter at the Sioux Falls landfill.

Restore Manager Alisha Grove told Dakota News Now, “Just in our local community, our ReStore has diverted over 500 tons of reusable material from our landfill. That's huge.”

If you could use a few good kitchen fixtures, or maybe just want a piece of Sioux Falls television history, word has it, Items, like The KDLT Kitchen, should be available to purchase in just a few days from the ReStore.

Source: Dakota News Now

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