The sound of gunshots throughout several Sioux Falls neighborhoods has kept police busy this week as more and more people in the city become increasingly concerned.

Dakota News Now reports that police have responded to a series of calls regarding people hearing the sound of gunshots in various Sioux Falls neighborhoods.

The first call came in just before 11 AM on Sunday (May 30) in the 3000 block of East 2nd Street. Witnesses told police they saw a blue car in the area just before the gunshots were reported. Police told Dakota News Now that three different houses were struck by bullets. In two of the cases, the bullets were able to penetrate the homes.

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Authorities were able to obtain surveillance video from the neighborhood, which is aiding them in the investigation.

The second instance happened early Wednesday morning (June 2) around 2:30. In this case, gunshots were reported near the 1400 block of South Annway Drive. Upon investigating, police found six shell casings in the area, along with a house and a car that had been struck by bullets in the neighborhood.

Another series of gunshots were reported on Thursday morning (June 3) just before 2 AM. According to Dakota News Now, this time, gunfire was directed towards a home in the 1200 block of West 10th Street. The report states the house was struck by four bullets, with two of the bullets fired entering the home through a window.

Again on Thursday morning, police were summoned on two more calls involving the sound of gunshots. The additional calls came in just before 6:30 AM. Two homes, one in the 400 block of South Summit Avenue and a home in the 200 block of North Dominic Circle, were involved.

The South Summit home was reportedly shot at. Police were once again able to locate shell casings on site. After investigating, authorities discovered the house was not hit by gunfire. However, a fence nearby was struck several times.

Dakota News Now reports, the house on Dominic Circle was not struck by bullets, nor were there any shell casing found in the area.

In each of the shooting cases throughout the week, no injuries were reported.

Police are still trying to determine if all the cases are somehow connected as the investigation continues.

Source: Dakota News Now

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