Would you leave five hundred bucks cash in your car unlocked? No, of course not, if you are a reasonable human being. So why do people keep leaving guns in unlocked vehicles? I'll let you answer that question.

A pair of handguns were reported stolen in southwest Sioux Falls on Monday. One pistol was stolen out of two separate unlocked vehicles according to Sioux Falls Police Spokesman Sam Clemens.

"One vehicle was parked along W. Equestrian Place, which is near the intersection of 18th Street and Marion Road. The other was parked in a business parking lot near Louise Avenue and 34th Street."

Yes, of course, theft is a crime. But laws don't prevent crimes from happening. Knowing that I don't leave guns in my car. I don't leave money in my car. I don't leave anything more valuable than the pens, Altoids, and less than a dollar in change. The most expensive thing I leave in my car is the trouble code reader I got so I can clear the annoying check engine light I get all the time that won't let me remote start my car.

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I also lock my car when it is parked. All it takes is the press of a button.

Guns aren't just valuable, they are dangerous in the hands of those who would be willing to steal from unlocked vehicles in the middle of the night. Responsible gun owners don't leave guns in vehicles overnight unattended, even if the vehicle is locked.

When I travel to matches, with a couple of pistols, my competition gear, and usually 500 rounds or more of ammunition, it all comes into the hotel with me. It usually necessitates a second trip up the stairs or elevator and it is a pain. I still do it.

Bottom line, take care of your stuff. You can't have anything stolen from your unlocked car if it isn't in your car.

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