Grand Junction Grilled Subs first opened their doors in the Moorehead/Fargo area and now Sioux Falls gets to try their tasty grilled subs.

Grand Junction is located at 5312 E. Arrowhead Parkway in the Splash City strip mall.

Grand Junction has cold and hot subs and their meals come in three different sizes: caboose, boxcar, and locomotive. Get it? There is a train theme.

I tried the Mexican Delight and my friend had the Cajun Chicken Ranch. We both ordered caboose size, which is small. And the small was huge. I couldn't imagine having a locomotive size. I also had the cheese fries, whereas my friend had regular fries.

I was torn between trying the Mexican Delight or the Chicken Cordon Bleu and opted for the Mexican Delight. I liked what I got, but I definitely want to go back to try the Chicken Cordon Bleu.

I enjoyed my cheese fries as evidenced by my empty plate, however, my friend considers herself a fry snob so she gave them a C+.

We both agreed that we liked their bread. It was moist and soft on the inside, but had a good snap when you bit into it. A good crunch. Of course, we did get the grilled subs so it should be a little crunchy from the toasting.

Also, my sandwich was very messy, but I consider that a good thing because they didn't skimp on any toppings. Maybe not the best place for a first date unless you don't mind looking messy right off the bat.

Your food is made to order on a flat top right in front of you, which I kind of like. Gotta keep my eye on my food.

There is also a punch card available. Buy 9 subs, get the 10th FREE.

Overall, It was an enjoyable experience.

P.S. The bathroom was also very clean.

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