Another high school graduation season has come and gone.

But unlike the graduation ceremonies of year's past, the COVID-19 pandemic robbed the graduating class of 2020 of any pomp and circumstance.

There were no formal celebrations inside schools or arenas.  Open houses were canceled and replaced with drive-by parades consisting of a handful of family and friends or scaled back graduation house parties that contained fewer than ten people in attendance in most cases.

The graduating seniors of 2020 will definitely have some unique memories and stories to tell their kids and grandkids down the road.

In the midst of all the oddities that helped to comprise this graduation season, it was so refreshing to see the graduating class of the Sioux Empire receives a little extra recognition for all their hard work and achievements throughout the year.

As Dakota News Now reports, over the past few days you may have recognized a few familiar faces up on billboards throughout the city.

The company is known as "Book Your Billboard" helped to acknowledge area students from New Tech, Washington, Lincoln, Roosevelt, and Sioux Falls Christian by displaying graduation photos of area seniors up on area billboards.

These senior class photos were showcased on boards throughout Sioux Falls starting early last week through Sunday (May 24).

While it's true, this graduation class will never get to experience walking in a diploma line or the camaraderie of a graduation night with fellow students. They will have a lasting graduation memory to cherish that many classes will never get to talk about.

Source: Dakota News Now

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