I'm the son of a career military man. My dad served in the Marine Corps during Vietnam (Semper Fi) and the served in the South Dakota Air National Guard for another 33 years. Both of my grandfathers served in World War II.

Sometimes I feel like a tool for breaking tradition. That's why things like this make me smile.

Governor Dennis Daugaard has proclaimed May as Military Appreciation Month in South Dakota. So when you see a service man or woman tell them thank you!

Executive Proclamation
State of South Dakota
Office of the Governor

Whereas, Congress has designated May as National Military Appreciation Month to ensure the nation publicly demonstrates their appreciation for the sacrifices and successes made by our service members - past and present; and,

Whereas, The vigilance of the members of the Armed Forces has been instrumental to the preservation of freedom, security, and prosperity enjoyed by the people of this great nation; and,

Whereas, The success of the Armed Forces depends on the dedicated service of its members and their families; and,

Whereas, Loyalty Day, Victory in Europe Day, Military Spouse Appreciation Day, Armed Forces Day, and Memorial Day provide opportunities to learn more about military members and the families who have given of themselves to support and defend the principles we hold dear:

Now, Therefore, I, Dennis Daugaard, Governor of the state of South Dakota, do hereby proclaim May 2017 as


in South Dakota, and I urge all citizens, businesses, and government leaders to observe the month with appropriate ceremonies and activities that honor, support, and thank our military families.

In Witness Whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and caused to be affixed the Great Seal of the state of South Dakota, in Pierre, the Capital City, this First Day of May in the Year of Our Lord, Two Thousand and Seventeen.

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