Pee breaks during long movies are not convenient. It's a first world problem but yet the struggle is real.

There was an online survey that asked people if movies longer than 2.5 hours, like the girthy 181 minutes of Avengers: Endgame, should have an intermission. 60% of that survey said no to intermissions while 28% said yes and 12% were undecided.

Our own Facebook poll was closer, 54% said no to intermissions while 46% were in favor, that is without an option for the undecided folks.

I'm personally fine with a 10 minute intermission. It would probably do more for concessions than anything. But while talking about this on the air yesterday morning, I got a call from someone who informed me that "there's an app for that."

RunPee is an app that will give you the best times for going to the bathroom during a movie so that you don't miss anything important. It gives you a cue of what happens on screen and how long your window to pee is. It can even give you a vibration alert so that you know it's a good time to go.

The background of the app is a dark color so that if you do have to reference your phone to empty your bladder during an unnecessarily long epic you don't irritate the self-appointed movie theater phone police. You know, the crazy people who will interrupt their own enjoyment of a movie to rage on you for glancing at your phone, something the whole world does at times that are more consequential than watching a film.

The app is free but you do have to earn "peecoins" by giving up your email address and watching some ads from time to time. You will get a few free to try it out. Seems like a fair trade to keep intermissions out of movies.

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