The list of businesses big and small, local, and national, that are filing bankruptcy, and going under, is nothing short of absolutely heartbreaking. I think people here in Sioux Falls have done their best to keep local entrepreneurs going, but with personal finances on the brink for so many, it is increasingly difficult.

In the case of Gordman's, I guess we can't say we didn't see it coming. This store's sad move to the end began like a lot of these stories do, with rumors of financial problems years ago. The rumors become fact, and soon the business is no more.

I still remember shopping in the earlier incarnation of Gordman's (Richman-Gordman's) when it resided in the Western Mall.

At Gordman's, I could always find a good deal on a purse I liked, or beach, lake, and cabin home decor items you couldn't find anywhere else, plus really fun fall and holiday items every year. I, for one, shall miss the store greatly.

According to Sioux Falls Business with Jodi Schwan, Gordman's is again open and beginning its going-out-of-business sale. There are clearance items, items marked at up to 40% off, but most of the merchandise is 10% off right now.

Stage Stores, the owner of the Sioux Falls Gordman's store and over 700 others, indicates that they are still hoping for a buyer, and if one is found, they would suspend the liquidation sales.

More and more, we're all wondering what the other side of this crisis will look like. Personally, professionally, and in every other way imaginable, that time can't come soon enough.

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