Everyone knows that someone who always seem to have cracked glass on their iPhone. I've know someone whose screen is so shattered one can only assume she is saving it to use a single shard in a Macgyver type situation.

Other than the obvious problems with this, is the cost and time to get it fixed. There was a time when you'd get a sucky "loner" phone while yours was shipped to an Apple repair center for 4 - 6 weeks. When you went to pick it up your bill was hugging $200 - $300.

Until now.

We just bought a new iPhone for our son's birthday and were pleased to see the repair for a cracked screen is now $29. AppleCare+, which is available at the time of purchase, costs $99. A wise investment - especially for younger mobile device users, will drop the cost to $29 to replace a cracked or shattered screen.

The other big destroyer of iPhones is water. (Oh, hello toilet, have you met my phone?) Apple's new iPhone 7 is now water resistant - but i wouldn't want to put it to the test.

This is not an endorsement for the iPhone or it's services. Lord knows I've spent enough money and had my share of troubles with Apple. But if you're a parent like me, the warranty may be a big money-saver.

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