My kids and I were watching Home Alone 2 Sunday night. We paused the movie for kids to get baths. During the intermission I watched a little bit of the Golden Globes.

It is 20 minutes I'm never getting back.

I saw the award for best original score handed out and I saw James Franco win an award for portraying a weirdo in a movie I had never heard of that was very inside Hollywood.


Famous people, the talented and talentless alike, are fascinating to many people. I know that. But watching them sit in a conference room and give each other awards insincerely while a comedian occasionally makes a joke is painful.

I love football. They have an awards show, the NFL Honors. It was worth watching when Alec Baldwin was hosting, but since those years it has gotten drier than a church during Prohibition. It's not a good awards show.

The only good awards show is the Grammys. The musical performances make it an easy show to enjoy. Plus you have a decent chance of having heard of a majority of the artists nominated for awards. Even if you don't listen to country you've at least heard of the tight-panted prancer in a cowboy hat who smiles until his rival wins. And you may have even heard the songs before. Unless you've actually seen the movies that are nominated (or even heard of them) you're completely uninvested.

I don't know what the worst awards show is but it's either the Golden Globes or the Oscars. The Globes at least have booze at the tables so an alcohol fueled moment might happen.

That sounds harsh, but imagine the Grammys without performances and you've only heard five percent of the songs nominated but you've still heard of half of the artists. That's what watching 20 minutes of the Golden Globes was like for me.

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