Today I was on my way to an antelope hunt in Harding County. Our route took us right by Bear Butte. And while I had seen this iconic natural wonder a million times from I-90 or while standing atop on of the peaks with a view in the Black Hills, I had never been up close to it.

We drove right by it on Highway 79. It is an epic sight to behold. It's so much bigger than you think.

I didn't even get a chance to go right up to it or climb it, only pass it by on the road. Unlike Mount Rushmore, which I would say a driveby on the highway is enough for most people, and much like Devils Tower which is equally epic, just stop and admire it.

Now, back to my vacation where I am about to go to sleep in a pickup truck, wake up early on a very cool fall morning, and get me some antelope meat!

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