Potential heartbreak alert: Rachel, Finn, Kurt and Blaine team up to sing No Doubt's breakup anthem 'Don't Speak' in the 'Break Up' episode of 'Glee,' which could be another sign that beloved couples Finchel and Klaine may not survive.

The song almost exactly replicates the original recording from Gwen Stefani and company, with the four cast members providing lovely harmonies. 'Don't Speak' is a song that doesn't much tinkering, especially since the focus in this episode is on the sad lyrics more than the music.

The 'Glee' characters alternate lines as they sing, "I really feel that I'm losing my best friend / I can't believe this could be the end / It looks as though you're letting go / And if it's real well I don't want to know." The fact that both the Rachel-Finn and Kurt-Blaine pairings are singing the breakup anthem probably does not bode well for the future of these two couples.

'Don't Speak' was a huge hit for No Doubt in 1996 from their 'Tragic Kingdom' album. Stefani wrote the song about her breakup with bassist Tony Kanal, whom she dated for seven years. Now, it looks like the song could become the breakup anthem for at least one and possibly two 'Glee' couples.

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