Girl Scouts Dakota Horizons and Girl Scouts of the USA have launched 42 new badges to help further their mission in giving girls all the options they need to discover and influence the world.

New badges being introduced include 9 Cybersecurity Badges, 3 Space Science badges, 12 Outdoor High Adventure Badges, and 18 Coding for Good Badges.

The Cybersecurity Badges include activities in decrypting and encrypting messages as well as real-world hacking scenarios.

The Space Science badges help girls learn more about the universe. It is funded by NASA Science Mission Directorate. (Fancy)

The Outdoor High Adventure Badges help girls explore nature doing everything from hiking and snowshoeing to rock climbing.

The Coding for Good activities include designing video games and apps!

There is also Think Like A Citizen Scientist, which teaches girls through a leadership program where they will observe, collect data, and use that information to take on a community issue of their choosing.

Speaking of letting the girls decide, Girl Scouts thinks choices and decision making is vital. According to a press release, "Giving girls choices is important for developing their sense of self, their own voice, and gender equality—research from the World Bank Group shows that increasing women’s agency and decision-making abilities is key to improving their lives, communities, and the world. And research shows that Girl Scouts are more likely than other girls to take an active role in decision making (80% vs. 51%)."

For more information make sure to check out Girl Scouts Dakota Horizons website here.


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