I'm a huge fan of Animal Crossing New Horizons; the art style the games has is uniquely adorable. And with any game where you can design a character, house or shrub skins are EVERYTHING.

Ok, maybe not everything but kind of a big deal especially when you have a design in mind, and the programming within the game doesn't offer it; especially if you are trying to design yourself in the game.

But thanks to Gillette Venus, there are now 19 different skin types within the game in the eight different shades Animal Crossing offers for their character models.

The reason why? Gillette Venus says this summer they are wanting to celebrate skinclusivity, which is amazing!

As someone who suffers from acene and the scars it left behind, having a game that embraces acene, scars, and other skin differences the public tends to hide from everyone in a game is encouraging for those who have skin insecurities.

And the game's design represents the new skins tastefully. The new acne scar skin is subtle but visible and I can't recall a game that allowed you to put acene on a character model before.

Sure, some might say this game is more geared towards kids but what an even better message for them to see these skins in a game! And understand that if your skin has something that is different about it, that's ok everyone's skin has some unique aspect to it.

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