I'm sorry, maybe it is because of my Italian heritage that I find this new gender reveal theme party idea so offensive. Lasagna or lasagne should be made with noodles, meat, vegetables, or fish, (of your choice) spices, ricotta, mozzarella, parmesan, and either tomato or alfredo sauce.

The mere idea of digging into a pan of blue or pink colored lasagna is a ridiculous stomach-turning proposition. But that is exactly what Villa Italian Kitchen, (a New Jersey-based pizza and pasta chain) is offering to soon-to-be parents and their friends and families.

For right around $140.00, you get a big foil pan of lasagna, with the secret pink or blue interior, a tray of their "famed" garlic rolls, and a choice of either a garden, Caesar or Greek salad.

There have been some disastrous gender reveal parties over the last year, (including the one involving Tannerite and a giant wildfire in Arizona, for which the gentleman who started it will be paying $8 million in restitution). Don't take my word for it just check out YouTube.

Now, blue or pink cake, cupcakes, doughnuts, cookies, cake pops, macarons, balloons, banners, baseballs - - I can live with. But keep your nasty gender-revealing mitts off of lasagna! I truly hope no other lasagna-making places (you know who you are) get the idea to do the same thing.


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