Thus far, in our vast American landscape, we've defined generations and the age they've lived in.

Those born in 1930 - the mid 40's, are known as the Greatest Generation. Followed by Baby Boomers (1946 - 1964). We then get to Generation X, (or this writer's generation) defined as those born between 1965 - 1984. Then, according to the Atlantic, there's a slim timeline for Generation Y, before we get to the Millennials - those born in the mid 80's to the present.

The latest power generation, the Millennials, are changing and shaping society as we know it. Here's 7 things the latest generation do not find useful - and are in danger of extinction:

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    Mass-Market Beer

    Craft beers are all the rage for today's Millennials. Sorry, Olympia. We had a good run.

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    Underwire Bras

    I will just have to take the word of my wife on this one, but young women are opting for the new, and more comfortable, bralettes and sports bras instead.

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    Landlines are quickly fading from homes. Although there are still some folks, (ahem, mom and dad) that can't seem to cut the cord.

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    Millennials are watching today's hottest shows on their devices such as tablets and phones. I'd rather watch Baywatch classics on 55" of screaming high-quality hi-def goodness.

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    As it turns out, this young generation believes it's too much work to get a bowl, pour the cereal and milk, find a spoon, and rinse out the bowl. I'll have you know that Quisp and King Vitamin were not hassles.

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    Bars of Soap

    According to marketing experts, 3 in 5 Millennials think bars of soap are gross. I'm actually going with you on this one.

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    Big Macs!

    Would you believe that only one in 5 Millennials has tried a Big Mac? Craft burgers and casual fast dining such as Panera, Qdoba, and Chipotle are soaring.