Summer is right around the corner and a lot of people have already begun planning their summer vacation. Traveling many miles on the open road. Word has it that gas prices will be on the rise once again.

With that in mind, one man noticed something strange while pumping gas last year. He tilted the nozzle down and it starts charging money, gas or no gas!

He told the manager and they called another manager but they didn't do anything about it, other than putting a "Out of Order" sign on it and told the guy to come back to speak to the GM.

So next time you need to fill up at the gas station, check to make sure that you are not getting ripped off!

NOTE: We could not independently verify if this is a true scam, or the result of some creative editing. In some of the comments people say the video is a hoax. They point out that the video is shot very tight so that you can't see if there is another person or car involved.

Falcon Kydex6: So I watched this video and here is where i have the problem. He has the camera so close to the pump that you can not see the other nozzle. You also can not see if there is another car on the other side ,using said pump to let them numbers go up as it is being pumped.... Film another video zoom pack to get the entire pump in the frame and then shoot the video.....

Others comment that the same thing has happened to them at other stations.

pontiachotshot1: Yup i called them about a pump here in holland MI and they got that fixed in a week.It was doing the same thing.

Has anything like this ever happened to you in Sioux Falls?

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