My last bucket list concert did not disappoint. Of the acts I loved that I had gone most of my life without seeing (Motley Crue, Pink Floyd/Roger Waters) Garth Brooks was the last one I always wanted to see.

As he said during the show, when I go to a concert "I want to hear the old stuff." Everything was played that I needed to hear.

The highlight was his impromptu A capella rendition of "The Change" from 1995's Fresh Horses. A woman in the audience held up a sign most of the night asking for it. At this point of the show Brooks' band was taking a break and it was just him and his guitar. It had piano and is a piano song and couldn't really be played with his guitar so he just sang it. It was wonderful.

If you have yet to see the show, you won't be disappointed.

If you are going to the show next Saturday at 7:30pm, I recommend going late. We arrived at 6:40pm and saw tons of people walking from the Denny to the fairgrounds. I know, there was a shuttle. But tons of people were walking. Others were walking to the Denny from the fairgrounds. We just parked in the south lot and almost had our choice of parking spot. It may not work out that way, but when we went into the building at 7:20pm, it was still mostly empty. (I am only speaking of the south lot, directly behind and west of the Birdcage, bordered by Western Avenue and Madison Street.

This obviously had something to do with the matinee show getting let out as people arrived early. I am not a fan of standing around and getting sloshed before concerts so we just stayed home until 6:30pm. I almost pulled into the fairgrounds lot just so we could park and get going that way since buses were sitting there waiting to leave. Crystal said we should go check out the parking situation at the Denny. Glad we did!

Andy Erickson
6:45 before Garth Show/Andy Erickson

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