Galaxy Gaming of Sioux Falls has added a new gaming experience to their arsenal.

VR or virtual reality is a type of video game experience where the player is fully immersed in the game by wearing a headset with a screen inside so the player can view whichever game they are playing through a first-person point of view. Connected to the headset is a microphone and headset that allows the gamer to hear and talk to the other players in the game.

Galaxy Gaming, however, has added a vest for the player to wear during the VR experience so if in the game the character is shot or grabbed by a zombie the player will feel a vibration or simulated sense of touch.

Credit: Galaxy Gaming
Credit: Galaxy Gaming

Galaxy Gaming is the first entertainment center in the state of South Dakota to offer this unique Virtual Reality attraction. For VR games they offer Angry Birds Movie VR, Zombyte, Das Boot and many more popular game titles.

Each game can accommodate up to four players so you can bring your friends and family to experience VR with you if you wish. The Hologate VR system is easy to use and the Galaxy gaming staff is willing to help anyone who has questions.

Pricing for this VR experience is charged per session; for a single session the cost is $8, two is $14 and three is $18.

For any other questions or information about Galaxy Gaming's VR experience, you can visit their website.

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