Future brought the “March Madness” to Saturday Night Live over the weekend. The Atlanta rhymer performed two of his anthemic songs, beginning with the EVOL track, “Low Life.”

Future Hendrix hit the stage in a fur-hooded parka for his performance of the Metro Boomin-produced banger. After spitting his first verse, he stepped to the side and allowed The Weeknd to take over much to the crowd’s delight. The Grammy-winning singer then played hype man rapping along to Future’s lyrics and encouraging the audience to sing along.

For his next performance, Future performed the stadium-status hit, “March Madness” from his DS2 album. Dressed in a camo bandana and graffiti-printed military jacket, the 32-year-old rhymer - along with his energetic live band - ended on a high note boasting that he's untouchable and living life to the fullest. "These police can't touch me / These bogus police can't touch me / These n----s can't touch me / Apply the pressure with the VVS / I drive the foreign like it was a Chevy," he raps.

Afterward, Future hopped on Twitter to describe his SNL performance. Read his tweets below.

Watch Future Peform "March Madness" on Saturday Night Live

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