Augustana University along with St. Mark's Lutheran Church in Sioux Falls are teaming up to help out one of their own. On the receiving end - baby Edith and her family.

Edith is the unborn baby girl of Pastor Ann at Augie and her husband Kyle. Recently, they learned their baby girl would need open heart surgery soon after being born.

Over the summer doctors discovered the baby had two heart defects - a hole in her heart and a rare condition called 'Double Outlet Right Ventricle.'

What that means is that the two arteries of the heart both come off the right ventricle rather than one off the right and one off the left as they would in a healthy heart.

The way it stands now, baby Edith will need open heart surgery within the first month of her life. That means a trip to Mott Children's Hospital in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

None of the Sioux Falls hospitals currently have a baby heart surgeon on staff. That's why the Albertys are having to travel out-of-state.

To help defray travel and medical costs, Augustana University and St. Mark's Lutheran Church are teaming up to host a fundraiser Wednesday (September 27).

From 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM a chili feed and silent auction will be held at St. Mark's Church located at 2071 S. Elmwood Avenue.

Anyone and everyone is welcome to attend.

Source: Augustana University

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