We like playing board games in our house. Clue was most popular. But it has been ousted by a card game.

Sometime in the last year, we were at my in-laws for a family gathering. Someone brought out this game I had never heard of with a funny name, Grandpa Beck's Cover Your Assets. We played it with as many as eight people, even though it says four to six. It was fine, and still really fun. We've also played with as few as three.

The game is relatively simple. You try to accumulate pairs of asset cards. Cars, homes, jewels, even "cash under the mattress" is among the possible valuable assets you try to accumulate. Once you have a pair, others can present the same card as you have for a pair and steal it. The fun happens when you block them with another of the same card (now the asset is worth four times as much), or with a silver or gold "wild" card. All cards used in the theft or attempted theft of assets become part of that asset stack and grows in value.

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The strategy is endless. There are a lot of ways to use your cards and we love it. Best of all it can be played by pretty young kids. Our 7-year-old gets it just fine.

The only negative is when we went to buy our own set we couldn't find it locally and we looked everywhere, including the boutique toy shops. It is available on Amazon.

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