A while back I wrote about the lack of rap songs from cartoon characters. You know what else is missing nowadays is the rap song from a movie that tells the story of the movie. For some reason in the late 80s/early 90s this was the thing. A movie needed a song by a popular rapper, about the movie, be played over the credits of the movie. It was a sort of end of unit review to remind the class of the main ideas. It was also sweet, sweet synergy. Get the biggest rap star, record a song, make a video and sell that movie during Dial MTV. The mad men of 1990 knew that way to win a 13 year old's heart is with Vanilla Ice. And get the movie's stars to make a cameo.

Partners in Kryme 'Turtle Power'

Not to brag, but I had this cassingle and would play it while I danced...in public. I'm so glad that was before YouTube. I also knew the entire plot of the movie before I went to the theater to see it...alone. Anyways, it's from the first movie in the original Turtle Trilogy and it's by Partners in Kryme, a duo from New York. This was their only hit. But, it did make it to #13 on the charts.

Vanilla Ice 'Ninja Rap'

For the TMNT sequel they had to up the ante, Empire Strikes Back style. So, the movie people knew the had to get the best of the best. They got Vanilla Ice. The song never quite tells us the Secret of the Ooze but, any ninjas listening will be sufficiently instructed to go.

Run DMC 'Ghostbusters'

"How are we going to sell this movie to kids? Cereal, cartoon, toys?" "No, I got it! Get Sigourney Weaver to appear in a Run DMC video, that should do it."

MC Hammer  'Addams Groove'

The Addams Family movie is great. What would make it better you ask? MC Hammer and his dance crew dancing in the Addams' mansion of course. Oh, and a sword fight between Hammer and Raúl Juliá.

Ice T 'Dick Tracy'

Between Colors and New Jack City Ice T kept his soundtrack skills sharp with this song from the Dick Tracy soundtrack album. Not the Madonna Dick Tracy soundtrack or the movie score but, the one with songs by Kd Lang and Jerry Lee Lewis.

Tone Loc 'Ace Is In The House'

"You mean to tell me we have an actual rapper in the movie?" "Get that guy into the recording studio!" Ace Venture costar Tone Loc put on his size 13s and kicked it one time for the homies with special guest Jim Carey.

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