There is no question that video games have come a long way since Pong and Super Mario Bros. Every year consoles get more expensive and the graphics for the games are more detailed, sharper and in some cases more graphic.

With that in mind, a new game is set to be released in March 2017 and the name of the game maybe familiar to some of you: Friday the 13th: The Game.

The game and funding came from both Kickstarter and BackerKit and raised approximately $1.1 million, becoming the 114th most successful crowdfunded project of all time according to Wikipedia.

Now the game is set to be released for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

The game will be a multiplayer video game, with up to eight people able to play in one game. One player controls Jason Voorhees, while the remaining players control camp counselors at Crystal Lake.

As a gamer, I have already pre-ordered my copy of the game, but I also have to look at this as an adult and after watching the trailer for the game, its very graphic and in some scenes, very disturbing.

I know video games come with a warning label but how do you restrict your children from games like this?

You can check out the trailer below - but be warned. It's definitely NSFW! After all it is a game based on Friday the 13th.

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